AppJet Launches!

December 12, 2007

As of today, we’re officially launched! That means anyone can come to
the site, read about our framework, use the IDE, and create an account
to publish an app.

It’s hard to launch something to the world. How do you know when it’s
good enough? We learned at Y Combinator that the real question is,
How soon can you launch? What needs to be done that’s keeping you
from launching today? The bottom line is that any task or feature for
which you postpone launch had better be worth it; what if you launch
and discover that the people most interested in your site don’t care
about that feature?

However, the fact that we’re launching means we feel that AppJet has a
core set of functionality that makes it already very useful,
especially for quick and simple web apps, where normally setting up
the hosting would take longer than writing the app.

We’re excited to introduce AppJet to the world. We’ve got big plans
for it, so think of this as just the beginning.


A ChangeLog

December 4, 2007

To keep track of the detailed changed we make to the AppJet site and software, we have started The AppJet ChangeLog. It’s an AppJet app itself!