appjet.jar: platform in a jar

September 2, 2008
platform in a jar

platform in a jar

appjet.jar contains all the software you need to host AppJet apps yourself, including the web server, database, and AppJet native libraries.

We have received feedback from some users who worry that apps written on are locked in to AppJet hosting forever.  It was never part of our strategy to monopolize hosting of AppJet apps.  On hosting, we think we can compete fairly because our extremely efficient virtualization system gives us an edge.  In any case, lock-in is no longer an issue with AppJet.

This release raises other questions as well:  Is appjet.jar a useful product on its own (without the AppJet hosting and online IDE)?  Should we start an open-source project around this distribution so our users can help make AppJet better?  Would people be interested in building more “serious” apps using this, and with some improvement, could AppJet be preferable to other solutions such as PHP or Django?

We of course have our own ideas about these questions, but yours are much more interesting to us.  So what do you think?  Leave a comment on this blog post or in the forum.